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Fresh bugs pop up as if it is a ritual post every product release

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

I am working with a founder to drill down the causes of her anxiety or low confidence on the day of their product release.

Below are the highlights of this specific conversation:

# Fresh bugs pop up as if it is a ritual post any release. This is happening because…


# The test team is working on the release for a day or max 2 days focusing mainly on the happy path & some regression testing. This is happening because…


# The development team’s work inadvertently spills into additional days. This is happening because…


# There are changes in requirements at the last moment. This is happening because…


# During a sprint review, the business or the product team finds nonconforming functionality in the newly built feature

The answer to this particular issue is building a comprehensive Assurance Mechanism to confirm that the expected feature’s criteria are effectively communicated & tracked.

Now, this is just one angle of looking at the main issue of “Fresh bugs popping up post each release”

This conversation could be… as the saying goes “The tip of the iceberg”

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