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About Prashant

Hi, I am Prashant Bellad with experience serving in the software QA space for for 18+ years.  As part of my corporate experience, I have worked for British Telecom for 5 years and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management for 9 years. The software products/ systems I worked on over here are responsible for millions and millions of dollars of customer value.  Working for such companies meant that the software delivery of the best quality is the norm. There is never an option to leak a major bug let alone a bunch of bugs. We always delivered robust features, upgrades, and technology transformations like .NET based apps to SPA, SOAP-based services to REST APIs etc in an iterative way without any harm or irritation to the end customers.

We successfully achieved consistent high quality deliveries at these organizations due to proven and effective QA systems.   Four years back, I started working with SaaS companies and I have been observing that 80% of these company's owners and CTOs are brilliant in building a great MVP, and raising series A funding but struggle in the stages when they want to scale the product and company to the Next Level in revenue and customer numbers. One of the prime reasons is not realizing early the perils of a poor-quality product!  Now, I am bringing with me all my QA learnings acquired working for 14 years with great corporations and people to the software companies struggling with their QA systems or process or the ones who want to build it from scratch.

Below are some of the success stories achieved:


Innovative Test Strategies

I have helped companies improve customer conversion by at least 5% through innovative & improvised test strategies


Confidence in Quality

Implemented thousands of automated test cases that are continuously providing product quality confidence to my customers


Enabling Multiple Releases

Helping companies through QA automation to run their regression suites (300+ tests) in 10 mins, thus enabling them to do multiple daily/weekly releases


How May I Help You?

I've probably solved the challenges you are facing, and I'd like to help you solve them too

World-Class Products

Helped in transforming an India-centric product into a multi-tenant international product

The People | The Company

About Pristine Protech

It does help in getting the right direction when you chat with the right person who has already done what you want to do. Learn what to do next to build a robust, sustainable, high-performing product QA. Book a live 1-on-1 insightful session with us now. At Pristine Protech Technologies:

  • We have 18+ years of experience working as Software product QA

  • We have helped multiple SaaS companies, like you

  • We bring in with us the expertise, learnings, and Standard Operating Procedures by working on QA issues not only limited to SaaS companies but also super efficient product giants such Morgan Stanley (Wealth Management), British Telecom, etc

We've probably solved the challenges you are facing, and We'd like to help you solve them.

Cohesive Values

  • Allegiance and Truthfulness

  • Ardour to assist customers, partners completely

  • Make an amiable environment which fosters innovative thinking with ironclad determination

  • Undertake challenges and exceed expectations

  • Responsibility to clients, partners and team members for commitments and results

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