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Case Study

Do You Want Your Regression Runs To Complete Well Under 10 Mins Through Automation? Do You Wish To Have Consistent And Reliable Test Runs? Similar To The Below Test Runs?


The Above Are Actual Test Runs For A Product For Which I Am Consulting Here Is The Regression Suite Of 250 Tests That Are Executed Reliably In Under 4 Minutes

The straightaway benefits that one can see


🏁 Reliable consistent test runs

🏁 Robust nonflaky tests

🏁 You can make quick decisions due to quick regression results (under 4 mins for this case)

🏁 Similarly your 1000s of robust reliable software regression tests can easily finish execution within 10 mins

As a founder are you going through any of the below test automation pains?


🙄 Test automation is flaky not delivering consistent results


😩 The maintenance of Test automation is tiring and involves a lot of efforts


🕛 The automation suite takes a lot of time to execute debug etc


❌ The test automation suite is not getting executed on demand and at regular frequencies

🤷 You are losing tons of due to ineffective and poor Test Automation suite


😰 Do you feel nervous every time you release a product update

As a founder do you want to see the below results


✅ Improved confidence in releasing more frequently

✅ Be super confident about product stability during customer investor demos


✅ Have peace of mind with your product release deadlines

✅ Increase your products Quality above industry standards

✅ Get more Delighted customers through improved product user experience

I've definitely solved similar QA challenges, and I'd like to help you solve them too.

If this resonates with you in achieving a stable quality product, & happy customers let us connect & discuss in-depth your use case!

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