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Choosing the Right Home for Your E2E Test Automation Code: Integrated or Separate Repositories?

Deciding where to house your End-to-End (E2E) Test Automation code—within the same repository as your application or in a dedicated one—is a topic of much debate, particularly with the advent of tools like and Playwright.

From discussions with numerous engineers, opinions are almost evenly split.

Ultimately, deciding where to maintain the E2E Test Automation code is subjective and depends on your project's needs.

Let’s explore these options:

  • Within the Application's Source Code Repository

Keeping the test automation code in the same repository as the application simplifies the development process. It enables easy access to shared configurations and environment variables.

Adopting dedicated test attributes as a best practice becomes simpler in a unified repository, enhancing test script maintainability and efficiency.

  • In a Separate Repository

For applications with multiple repositories, a separate repository for test automation code can be advantageous.

Although you might consider dividing your E2E tests across different application repositories, this approach often complicates maintenance. It requires duplicating test framework configurations and variables, creates challenges in determining which tests belong in which repository, and can lead to missing tests that cover multiple repositories. This setup might also encourage engineers to work in isolation, focusing on their specific repository rather than considering the end-user experience holistically.

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