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Agile and Steady SaaS product wins the RACE...

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The other day I was brainstorming with my daughter for her debate on “Slow and Steady wins the Race”, the hare & tortoise story we listened to in our early days…

As we were coming up with examples from my daughter’s own life to support this proverb, at one point I thought hang on… can this be one of the prime learnings for a struggling SaaS product?

Google says that 90% of them struggle badly!

I feel this proverb can genuinely be applicable to modern SaaS products, with just one change by replacing slow with agile

Being Steady

Some of the dictionary meanings of steady are

  • Something that is firm

  • Robust

  • Not shaky

Imagine trying to climb up a wobbly ladder! 🙄

At the minimum a STEADY software product is one that has:

✅ Robust signup, & set up experience with minimal friction

✅ Consistent and reliability of product’s core solution… the primary reason why your customer purchased the product in the first place. In our ladder example, the ladder should enable us to climb confidently

✅ Your product’s payment interface (paying customers!!)

Being Agile

Products being nimble and adding innovative features is critical so that at least:

✅ They are two steps ahead of the competition

✅ Customers consistently experience a next-level product

Agility and Stability are essential cogs for a successful product.

I firmly believe that while being agile, you should never lose focus of your product’s core elements/ features that make it a steady product. This is the solution your customers have come searching for to solve their own problems!

Coming back to our ladder… adding cushioning to the ladder steps can certainly be the next level of user experience. However just imagine, well-cushioned steps with a wobbly/ rickety ladder frame!! 😠😡

What elements would make your product a Steady product?

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