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Not able to signup ❌

The other day was signing up for a newly launched product and could not do so…

I verified that

✅ I entered my email id correctly as the login id

✅ I have entered the password as required

but to no avail… as the application still displayed an invalid email error ❌!!

As a person with a tech background, I quickly realized that a trailing space in the entered email id was the issue.

I could finally signup after removing the trailing space...

Here is the thing…

“During sign-up, if you are throwing an invalid email error for a trailing space there is a 25% chance of the prospect not signing up” This is because your prospects are:

- Evaluating at least 2 other competitors along with your product

- Errors such as this one may not be intuitive to most users

- The person evaluating the software can have a low threshold for any friction during the signup process

“Make the signup process a breeze for your customer. Your customers should be felt welcomed and special! 🏅”

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