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Our testers take a hell of time to test

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

If this is what is happening with your application testing then among all the questions, you need to ask — “Is our application testable?” Some of the reasons that come immediately to my mind are… Can your manual tester set up the prerequisite application state within 2–3 mins? Can your automated tests set up the prerequisite application state in about 30 seconds? Example: Consider a product that helps entrepreneurs manage their coaching business. The test case is to generate and verify the newly implemented revenue report Steps to setup the application state to test this test case: 1. Signup 2. Setup a coaching business 3. Add courses with its prices 4. Add a list of paying students 5. Add payments made by each student The above process would manually take approx 15 mins and to actually test a test case would take 5 mins (manually). so in total 20 mins for a single test case out of which 3/4th was spent just setting up the app state Just imagine the manual testing effort: - If a test engineer has to test such a report for different types of coaching businesses with a varied revenue stream 20 mins × number of such cases. This is a draining effort - If a test engineer has to re-test bugs identified in such scenarios (the quality of the code delivered will determine the number of iterations) Now give a thought to the impact on the test engineer’s frame of mind if the tester has to perform this job day in and day out: For these types of scenarios, you really need to have a mentally very strong test engineer to make him/her consistently give peak performance else The test engineer at the very least: - Would be fatigued - The morale and of course the performance would degrade - Test engineers at times just go through the motion of performing those set-up tasks manually Automation Tests: If you have automated tests, you would need to automate the above 5 user actions. - This would certainly consume at least say 7 mins (half of the manual time) → In this case the application is 100% unfit for e2e test automation - If say 50% of the setup (in test automation) is achieved without going through user actions, still the test setup will take 3 to 4 mins just to set up the automated tests. - Now your single automated test for such scenarios will run over 4 mins! Any questions you can get in touch with me at: 📞 You can book a call with me here 📨 You can write to me at Visit my LinkedIn profile

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