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Plan →ACT →Build a robust, lean QA system →implement Continous QA Improvement engine

We often see SaaS companies try to take corrective action on poor QA when right on the cusp of crisis! There are a number of causes for this crisis… Below are the most common examples I have observed

  • There is consistent leaking of bugs to production 🐛

  • An increasing number of support tickets 📞

  • Loads of rework 😩

  • Hurried releases 🤫

  • The Product Manager/Owner is doing ALL the feature testing. He/ She has to literally squeeze out time to do this 🥵

  • Regression testing is done in production 🙀

By now, you have already burnt loads of $$, your best developers are on the brink of burnout, and surely Your beloved customers are now starting to lookout somewhere else!! Probably you misjudged what issues/ crisis you can run into a few months down the line based on your current QA activities! If you are facing all the above problems… act FAST If you are an early-stage company… Why wait? Build your QA system proactively, NOW… Where to START? The FOREMOST STEP is to find your first critical moves to get your QA processes on track How to DO IT? Plan →ACT →Build a robust, lean QA system →implement Continous QA Improvement engine If you are unsure how to Do It, let’s talk → I have definitely SOLVED all such QA problems.

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